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Dennis Clarke, a well known local artist, is a Signature Member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and the West Virginia Watercolor Society. In addition, he is an Associate Member of local and national art societies. 


He is often asked how he developed his painting style.  “It developed itself – I didn’t consciously think about it!  Personally, I’ve always wanted to be on the water.”  My paintings are not representational, but I hope emote a feeling of “I’ve been there before,” and it is then up to the viewer’s imagination to take it from there.  I want the viewer to feel like they “never step into the same painting twice.” 


He is also asked how he knows when a painting is finished.  “When I sign it–it takes on a new life.”  When it is acquired -then it becomes a new thing - ART-.


I send out paintings on social media to about 2300 friends and get a good response from a lot of them (about 4) and sometimes I get many more (10)


Denny embarked on his career as a watercolor artist over 30 years ago. Now over 500 of his paintings are in individual and corporate collections in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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